How Simple But Effective Website Design Can
Sell Products Online

21 May 2016 Website Design | No Comments

E-Commerce sites are on hype right now, we hear, we see and we talk about it several times per day. As almost everything, you need a lot of tools and knowledge in order to create a successful online store. Amongst those tools and knowledge, was believed that a website full of information would awake the curiosity of casual visitor but that tendency is changing right now.

Plenty of studies have shown that customer and casual visitor are eager when it comes to shopping online. Is not a secret, each time we have more responsibilities and duties, and human beings, they hate to wait and lose their time. Thus, we are seeing regularly websites with the fewer information and content that before, and this is proved to be real, look at Apple website design, its website has high-resolution photos and a brief description of its products, the 80% of the website? Blank space.

Before you jump and start re-building your e-Commerce store, this is not as easy as it sounds. Not everyone mastered this art of making shine a product with a few things on it, really this is a difficult duty.

There are lots of Website Design Companies in India that are masters of this art. They don’t only make simpler website designs, they make simplest but effective website content that actually have an impact on your visitors because this is the mission, right? Have an impact on your visitor in order to turn them into leads, and hopefully in loyal and faithful customers.

Having simple website design will boost your revenues and increase the chance of conversions. It’s logical a simple but effective website design will allow the user to find and buy quickly the product they are looking. There are four things that really matter for the client: the product, its price, a brief description and a photo of the product, all these 4 things have to be focused on making the product look attractive.

Another problem is that most people waste too many resources into creating a website that is not efficient. Those resources will be better designated if you decide to hire a Web Design Company in India, they are experts and surely they will deliver you an outstanding simple but striking web design. First impressions are everything and if you can give a striking impression, along with an outstanding product (counting that you already have one) you will make the conversions you want.

Best Web Design Company: Creating Websites That Converts

Basically, these are the keys to achieving success in e-Commerce sites, a striking but simple website and high-quality products that satisfy the customer’s needs. The keys mentioned above are only about your product, you are going to need values as responsibility and constancy, but we are getting into another topic.

Many experts and user have reported that the highly prototypical sites that have simple visual design were rated as most effective and most probable sites to make a conversion.

For scientist facts fans like me, the scientists has proved that the brain used to feel more comfortable and relaxed with things that are easy to use, for example, you must create a simple website in order to make your customer feel comfortable rather than overwhelmed with the huge amount of information.
If you have complex and overcrowded page, you will likely to never sell anything, the visitor will come and see the page and think ‘’Man, this is too much information for me, I should visit the next web site’’, people ignore this scenario, and happens all the time, multiple times per day.

The Mere Exposure Effect Theory For Website Design

Another cognitive fact that alters the customer’s election is The Mere Exposure Effect theory. To not get too much deep in science, it basically states that the more you’re exposed to a stimulus (let’s call it something) you would prefer it more.

This is a principle that can be applied in almost every area of your life, but in online stores in can be usable too, and trust this principle gives incredible results.

In Online Shopping matter, you’re more exposed to most of the successful stores layout, they are simple and striking. People are used to those kinds of sites and thus, they get more attracted to those kinds of sites, this is where you ca apply the Mere Exposure Effect theory.

Okay, I have a simple design, now what? Once you have created a website that is user-friendly and simple, you must focus on high-resolution images with an eye-catching headline and your business’ logo somewhere in the top on the screen.

These are the mold you have to follow with your store because science and experience proved it. Your visitor will feel more attracted and comfortable with characteristics that are prototypical, and subconsciously they will forget those sites who don’t follow these guidelines.

Something really important: These are just guidelines, you don’t have to do it exactly in your website design like everybody else, you must apply your own concept, personality and identity to your store. People love identities and the relationship with a unique brand.

You can easily hire a Website Design Company in India, they will do exactly what they have to do and strategically implement the best tools and practices to make your sales in your store rocket to the moon. Usually they are professionals and they will do the dirty job for you.

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